Over 50's Exercise & Pilates Classes in Enfield

Paul Smith
Pilates Instructor
07889 489709
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Paul Smith PT
Pilates Instructor
07889 489709

Pilates Classes in Enfield

Keep Fit, Stretch & Tone


I am now running online “Stretch & Tone’ classes via Zoom for £5 a session.

Tuesdays     11.00am – 12.00

Fridays     11.00am – 12.00

Please Contact Paul to book.

The classes are an opportunity for anyone wanting to improve their flexibility and fitness levels. They consist of low impact aerobics, toning and stretching and are suitable for all levels of fitness and abiliity.

Senior Couple Balancing on One Leg

Exercise is important for health at any age, but becomes vital as you get older.

Among many other benefits, regular exercise strengthens the immune system, contributes to lower blood pressure, and reduces ‘bad’ cholesterol.

The body also responds to exercise by increasing bone density to cope with the increased workload, making it more resistant to the onset of osteoporosis. Add in increased feelings of well-being and the boost in self-esteem, and exercise is clearly a major element in the quality of life.