Over 50's Exercise & Pilates Classes in Enfield

Paul Smith
Pilates Instructor
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Paul Smith PT
Pilates Instructor
07889 489709

Pilates Classes in Enfield

One-to-One Pilates Personal Training

One-to-one personal training is the best way to achieve your goals. My programme will challenge and inspire you.

Newcomers to Pilates find that even a few initial one-to-one sessions can enable them to go into a class environment with much more confidence and control.


With one-to-one personal training and in Pilates I can:

  • refine your Pilates techniques for a safe and effective exercise programme
  • increase your body awareness which you can apply to all other exercise disciplines
  • help you achieve your fitness targets
  • work with you at times and places convenient to you
  • take account of any health or injury issues you might have
  • offer nutritional & lifestyle advice to supplement your fitness programme
  • respond quickly to your changing aims or circumstances


I can work with you in the comfort and security of your own home.

Why not join with one or two friends for shared sessions? If you have common goals and interests you can combine the fun and social aspects of classes with the personal attention of one-to-one sessions, and split the costs between you. I would be happy to arrange this with you.

Each one hour personal training session costs from £45, but there are discounts for pre-paid multiple sessions (conditions apply).